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How many different kinds hats have you worn in your life? When I started writing that question I was thinking of the bonnets, baseball caps, and other types of physical hats we wear. As I was finished I recalled there are also the metaphorical hats, as the ones in the expressions on the "hats we wear." I've worn more different ones of those in my life, than actual hats.

What memories do these hats bring up for you? If you wear them now, do they act as "cover ups" for anything other than your hair and head.

Do different hats evoke different emotions for you, or have they in the past? Just thinking of a few of mine has my body assume different positions and puts me in a role playing mode. Have fun with this.


"Since you bring up hats, my story was revived by Toby [wife] who had me speak at her book group on the book The Things They Carried, about the Vietnam War. So since I'm out, here goes.

I was issued a regular army hat when I got my uniform and although it was battered by the time I landed in Vietnam I was determined to hang onto it. My feeling was, 'if the hat makes it, I'll make it.'

At one point I lost it in the back of a truck and had to get permission from my captain to go to the car pool to check forty trucks before finding it. Many times I was stopped by officers on the base and told to get a new hat. I never did!

Just like your mother's hat, mine sits in my closet untouched and uncared for but is no worse off." JOEL GRUBMAN


"had a brown one knitted by nanna, and I was under 5 and thought it odd,quirky if I had known that word. It was square and had pom poms and I loved the pom pom even tho they seemed luxurious and sad to think that as an infant.

The next hat I recall was a pale blonde straw one I bought in Guernsey age 11. Then we move on to school hats..we had to wear a black velour one in winter and a white straw boater in summer. I looked nice in both,,,but never graduated to beret as some of the older girls displeased the head by wearing them pinned on to the back of their head so we all had to keep wearing velours and boaters, tho mine seemed to get lost somehow and by the time I was 15 I was wearing mine turned down like jeff beck when I went to matlock bath for the day.

I had flowery bridesmaid head-dresses, and wonder when the next significant hat event, where I had big pink hats to go with my hippy dress
I knitted myself a rainbow hat and of course now I have my Himalaya hat...and cannot part with my Peruvian Bowler I had a few years back and the rainbow Peruvian hat too.

I like to wear hats..oh yes, I had a violet one with a feather tucked into the turned back brow..looked quite 30's

must have had more of course..glad to think of myself as a bit of a hat person" ZANNIE ROSE

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