Openings in the Shower

How much time do you think you spend in your head, that is with the thoughts that are in your head?

From my experience, we are so often caught up in our own thoughts that we miss what’s right in front of our eyes and/or ears. What is in front of you, right now, when you STOP - LOOK - LISTEN?

A recent “WoW!” experience in my life occurred when I was in the shower, the place where, I suspect, we are most likely to be completely preoccupied with our thoughts.

For the past 5 months, I’ve had a large, lovely pink anthurium plant on a wide ledge of my deep, corner bathtub. It’s right under a wall of glass blocks that filter in bright light all day. A separate stall shower has a large, glass window that overlooks the tub.

One day, recently, I was in the shower, thinking about who-remembers-what, when I happened to glance through the above-mentioned window which was dripping with streams of water and moisture. There was this stately, graceful plant beckoning my attention. And, boy, did “she” get it!

I excitedly called my husband to get my camera. After turning off the water, I wanted to capture the imagery of the plant through the moisture on the window, before it dissipated.

I took many pictures then and was/am left with the joy and excitement of those initial moments of discovery. In addition, I have a profound sense of gratitude for the space and beauty in my environment, as well as for my creativity which makes this appreciation possible.

I invite YOU to take a moment to simply step away from your thoughts.

What sudden surprises - new sounds and/or visions and discoveries - are there for you in any one of your environments?

Take one, when you find it. Hold it. Savor it. Then recall it when you need to “lighten up”. SMILE. FEEL ALIVE and BLESSED.

©2004 Sheila Finkelstein


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