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a weekly FREE E-zine with
Photography and Writing that Inspire SEEing
Inner and Outer Worlds Newly,
Enhancing and Expanding Relationships
with Self and Others
Living and Loving With No Regrets


We also offer:

2. Relationship Coaching - Love With No Regrets

3. The Book -
Pictures to Ponder: Inspired Journalinga book of beautiful flower photos and self-reflecting questions, with spaces for writing.  Ideal Gift for anyone looking for Inspiration including Writers, Coaches and Practitioners with Office Waiting Rooms - Available in Print or eBook format 

4. Gifts with Unique Photo/Drawing Art – Nature Art Gift Shop 

Interested in:

Expanding Your Creativity?
Developing your Creative muscle?
Enhancing Personal and Business Relationships?
bEing in Accelerated Action in one or more areas of your life?

Excited by:

Making discoveries with transferable benefits?
Experiencing something totally new?

If "yes" to these questions, you'll want to be in Through and From the Lens: Expand Your Focus - Change Your World . See Through and From The Lens for details.

Interactive Teleworkshops.
See SAMPLE for intro activities

Calls with exercises that transfer into impacting your world

Group sharing and discussion
, working with our images and new ones you discover.

see also

Treasure Your Live Now

A weekly inspirational photo ezine meant to delight, inspire, motivate and sometimes challenge.
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