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Nature's Playground -
our parent site which features photographs, mainly from nature, interpreted in Sheila Finkelstein's unique photo drawing style. Be sure to check the site map to see the wide category of images.

Cafe Shops NatureArt - This link starts you on the tiles pages of our Nature's Playground's Cafe Press Gift shop. Use the menu to check out other products.

Picture to Ponder - Our twice-weekly photo ezine, witha photo and writing to inspire creativity and appreciation.

ART SITES WE APPRECIATE - Wonderful pet gift items. Click on banner in the gift shop to go back to Art Paw's fun pet portrait art site. Fun contests, animal quotes and more.

a variety of programs led by Julie Jordan Scott. Julie is a writer with 2 e-zines, DISCOVER YOUR PASSION and DAILY PASSION ACTIVATOR; a coach with a wide-range of corporate and governmental experience; and a mom. Click on Link for more information.

AUDIO ACROBAT, to record brainstorming sessions, teleclasses, conference calls, testimonials and create voice messages on your site. Video and Podcasting are now part of the options availabe. Wonderful customer service. Check out some of the audio testimonials we've received on Eteletours Audio Links.

TYPEPAD , described by many as the best blog to use for categorizing and maintaining your posts, easily searched

CHECK OUT CAFE PRESS Design and Sell Merchandise Online for Free for putting your own images on a variety of products for one time use or for creating your Own Shops as well as the AFFILIATE PROGRAM now in place

- The host we are now using, at only $9.95/month to host our 3 web sites. There are plans as low as $7.95/month


- Source for Cameras - Excellent prices, service and follow through by phone and/or web. We purchased our Fuji S5000 digital camera here. We LOVE the wonderful 370mm telephoto lens in this cost-effective camera now being used for all of our eTeletours photos.

"MASTER YOUR DIGITAL CAMERA In Four Easy Steps" - by Rufina James
"Everything You Need To Know About Digital Photography To Take Dazzling
Digital Photos Like A Pro!
17 chapters with over 200 pages of
explanations, illustrations, techniques and ideas!

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