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In PICTURE TO PONDER, ISSUE 88, in commenting on the above photo, I wrote:

"Given I had a some kind of physical sensation when it came up on my screen, I'm following my intuition and including it here.

At first I had a complete sense of peace. In looking at it again, I'm finding it somewhat "jarring." Given that green and red (in this case, pink) are opposites on the color wheel, I'm not surprised."

I went on to say that I was going to ask Lea Ciocci for her analysis. At the time Lea was offering a workshop introducing her eBook - "Color Your Life: Understanding Color to Enhance Your Life".

Lea's response follows:

"My gut reaction first - The symmetry of the leaves is very pleasing to my eyes. I get the feeling of a lush rainforest or secret place where the fairies dwell. The colors of pink and green are a significant mix as these colors compliment each other. Pink represents romance, friendship, and denotes feminine qualities, and Green is the color of nature which symbolizes the balancing forces, peace, compassion, and renewal. Places in nature have always been sacred to me, this is where I connect with the God energies that abound. Nature is my church of choice.

Unsettling though is the yellow peeking through the pink on the top leaf and dominating the other top leave. I have a sense of weakness and do not want to gaze much at those areas. While yellow is an uplifting color that encourages positivity, in this instance the shade of yellow, washing out the pink can symbolize sickness, jealousy, or caution.

Overall, if my eyes stay towards the bottom of the photo, I have a sense of the playful fairies. I feel loving and compassionate. Looking at the top I take away a sense of unease.

and, then, to my comments on the colors being opposites on the color wheel and jarring because of that,

" Pink/red and green are opposites on the colorwheel but denotes a "complementary" color scheme. Compliments work well together when one creates art. So instead of thinking in "opposites," I think in "compliments." When one thinks of opposites they generally think one repels the other or doesn't go together. The understanding of a complementary scheme that these two colors are meant to be together."

Lea Cioci CPD CPT
Published Designer

Thank you, Lea, for your insightful comments.

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