September 26, 2005
Volume 1 - Number 177

a hat my mother wore over 60 years ago

A recent issue of Marney Makridakis' LinkLatte, a daily URL presented for Artella Members' pleasure, gave the link to PURSE STORIES, a beautiful and interesting site. It features photos and stories on purses.

Something in the nostalgic response I had triggered the memory of my mother's hat that sits on a shelf in my closet.
A rust-colored velvety felt, it is in top notch condition, without having been preserved in any way other than love.

I also found a picture of my mother, my brother, probably 2 or 3 years old, and me at 4 or 5 years of age with the three of us each wearing hats. My mother had on this one, my brother a wool cap and I wore a velvet bonnet. I can recall the velvet of my hat and the wool of my brother's. See Hat and Us.

Of all the photos I took of today's hat, I most like the one above for the overal feel of it, as well as the flow that the veil took as I placed the hat.

Especial thanks to my friend Linda Vining and participants in her eCourse Focus Group "Cheap Camera, Great Photographer - Taking Photos You Love With The Digital Camera You Have". Out of correspondence there, I now know that the color black is among the best colors to use as a background when I set up something for photographing. Though the course is officially closed, I'm sure that Linda will include you, if you ask. Scroll to the end of the description of her course on the Focus Group page and you'll find Linda's email address. Simply write her with your request.

How many different kinds hats have you worn in your life? When I started writing that question I was thinking of the bonnets, baseball caps, and other types of physical hats we wear. As I was finished I recalled there are also the metaphorical hats, as the ones in the expressions on the "hats we wear." I've worn more different ones of those in my life, than actual hats.

What memories do these hats bring up for you? If you wear them now, do they act as "cover ups" for anything other than your hair and head.

Do different hats evoke different emotions for you, or have they in the past? Just thinking of a few of mine has my body assume different positions and puts me in a role playing mode. Have fun with this.

Tomorrow I'll bring you another of Sam's wonderful black and white photos...a totally different type of hat.

Have you yet checked out the 28 second message from Sondra,

who shares the impact on her life of a custom photo/drawing of her father done by me?

Have you listened to Judith Tramayne-Barth and Renee Kleckner on our AUDIO LINKS page, where Judith also describes how easy it is to record a message? I'd love to have your voice there also. A sentence or two is more than enough, if you are person of a few words.

I will publish the link for yours in Picture to Ponder and on the testimonial page on the eteletours site. You can call in yourself at (214) 231-2905 ext 6956 or, if you wish, e-mail me to set a time and I can call you and 3-way you in and simply listen while you talk.


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