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"Aside from timing and location, what's the difference visually between a sunrise and a sunset?"

"I'm wondering are there other places in our lives where beginnings and endings are so similar that it's hard to distinguish them? "

Sunrise Sunset
Beginning and Endings

Is there a difference
being in the flow
starting to grow
ending the race
standing in grace
looking back
looking forward
in the now
wondering how

I inhale
I exhale
I exhale
I inhale
is one in front
the other behind
or is this a game
inside my mind

wordless I stand before beauty
my body almost breathless
as I experience myself
as God
admiring my creations
is this mine
do we see the same sunrise
or sunset
or is mine coming up
as yours is going down
who is to say
what is real

tears are flowing
in the presence of such radiance
colors far beyond my imagination
cascading across the sky
never to be the same again
having inhaled this richness
savoring the aromas of colors
gods painting gods painting gods painting

is there a beginning
and an end
or does eternity stand
always waiting
extending its hand
endlessly dancing itself
across unlimited landscapes
of our imaginations
worlds without end
inhaling me
in and out
of their dreams

©8-5-2005 Morgine Jurdan
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