May 12 , 2006
Volume 2 - Number 44

Whistling ducks in Wakodahatchee

whistling ducks at sunset in Wakodahatchee Wetlands

This scene has such a serene feel that I wanted to share it for setting up the weekend.

The image above is actually a composite of 2 photos. The first was of the
two ducks as you see them in the middle and on the left, and then the same two, with the one on the right diving under for food.

I waivered for a while in a state of indecision about which photo to use and then once again I chose the compromise route. With the ease of Photoshop Elements I was able to simply take the diving duck from the second photo and put it in the first. The result is seamless.

Are there places in your life now where you are struggling with two or more choices? If so, assuming you've explored all the options, is there a path for compromise?

Consider also, is there that sticky thing of wanting to be "perfect" getting in the way? What would it cost you to give that one up, at least in the situation you are pondering?

Bottom line, as most of us, if not all, have learned is that the opening to peace and ease is ACTION.

One of the Whistling ducks got what he wanted, when he stopped waiting and dove in. Is it your turn?

Have a fun weekend.

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