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great blue heron in Wakodahatchee Wetlands TODAY'S PHOTO -
Another from Wakodahatchee Wetlands. A great blue heron, at the end of Janurary,
in the nest with his/her babies...

What I find interesting now is that, though the same photographers still line up daily, my feelings are pretty much "been there, done that." AND, in the moment, some of the excitement does return. I'm thinking, as I write, that it may be the adrenalin of my creative juices dissipating in one area, moving on to recharge in another.

Can you recall similar experiences in your own life?

from Morgine Jurdan - 4/02/05

Late but better than never response to your heron question. .."seen it done that .... thing."

We are all different, so we each have our unique experiences. However, if you want a more "general answer", I will give it from the animals and nature's perspective, they have shared with me.

Many of our greatest teachers often tell us the same thing ..."be like little children".. why? Because children still have the awe and wonder in their lives. Everything is new and different to them. Every day is new and they are ready to explore it.

How much we miss daily in our lives because we tend to put EVERYTHING inside little boxes with labels on them. (Your class was teaching us how to get outside those boxes and our old ways of looking at things!) You meet a friend and you already "think" you know who they are, and yet you really have no idea who they are inside, around and all over. Someone could have had an epiphany going to the bathroom and when they come out again and see you, they are no longer the same person you met before! Think how much you learn in one of Julie's classes. Are you the same person an hour later? I know I am not! Animals tell me we change all the time and so do our!

Every moment of our lives are different. There are no two moments which are ever the same. You NEVER walk by the same tree twice in a row. It is growing, dying, changing, just like your physical body. The tulips change moment by moment. Those birds come every year and the stories they tell, the dances they dance, are always new and different. How much do you change in a year?

I took the Millionaire Mind Intensive with T. Harv Ekar and I learned many things. There were two phrases that stuck in my mind forever. One said, "the way you do anything is the way you do everything", and I have been watching myself ever since and striving to go up the scale to a ten more often The other thing he said was.... "The three most dangerous words in the world are ...'I know that.'" Because everytime you say those words, you close yourself down to whatever is there for you in that moment, which is always new and different, be it a person, an opportunity, a animal, a friend, whatever.

Am I there yet, no. And I am a work in progress. I truly hope to write a book some day about this very subject. Because if we could truly BE with each other, as we are, new in each moment, being present with who is really showing up right now in front of us, our lives would change forever. Instead we look to the past to define for us what we see, and that, for me, is a poor way to live my life.

Sorry for the long answer. There is not a bit of judgment coming from me to you. Only my pure sharing a passion of mine, because you asked the question.... smile!

Much much love and appreciation for your amazing, thought provoking photography!!

Morgine Jurdan
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