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"When I saw the picture I immediately thought of the word antique and there it was on your blog! It reminded me of a rose in our garden which fades to this colour as the Autumn progresses.

It is as though the red/blues are leached out of it, leaving that red/brown tone. It is faded and yet a colour in its own right, a bit like the aging process itself. Age takes some of our "colour" or the aspects of who we think we are, but leaves us a new shades, new characteristics, the same rose, yet changed.

I loved this photograph and what it spoke to me. The leaves are so rich and glossy contrasting yet complimenting the dulled down richness of the rose. Very interesting and a little challenging. Your photographs are always so thought provoking. "

With love,

Maria (Doherty)

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Comments by Sheila

This small rose is one of a grouping of over two dozen gifted to us by our dinner guests the other evening. The color is an unusal one. The texture and range of shades within many of the flowers has me think of "antique" flowers.

Because I had the need to pass on the "true" feeling in the coloration of these roses, I went to the Google to match the color with a name. One chart describes a color equivalent as a "dark, dull red". Click on the little spots on the chart to find "dark, dull red" or "dark faded red". You'll see the range of colors that are within these roses.

Sam thought "maroon" is the color and when I checked that out, I found a site by George Hernandez who states that it's his favorite color. He continues, "Maroon is a darkened red, a de-saturated red, or a mix of brown and purple paints. Variations or maroon-like colors include burgundy, carmine, chestnut, falu red, and dark crimson." This fits what I'm observing when I look at them. See for a color match and for some other interesting other facts about "maroon."

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