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March 19, 2014
formerly Picture to Ponder - Volume 10 - Issue 2

Are there there times that you find yourself in a "funk"?
You feel stuck and don't want to do anything?
You KNOW the answers, how to shift, and aren't taking action?
You might even counsel others on what to do in similar situations.

I was experiencing such a state last week when I heard my inner voice remind me of the advice I've often given AND written about many times here in the past.

"When you're feeling stuck, take out your camera. Look around and simply snap pictures of whatever catches your eye. By the time you've taken 5 pictures your energy will have shifted."

For me, the element of play oftentimes kicks in which certainly adds to being enlivened.

The photos that follow are illustrative of a recent experience.

Sheila Finkelstein abstract mirror image

I like the initial mysterious quality of the first image. If your eye has not yet gone to the pictures below, can you tell at what you are looking?


Sheila Finkelstei reflection in mirror with iPhone

mirror in cardboard face

As you can see, I was photographing my looking in a mirror, demonstrating maintaining eye contact while doing affirmations. The latter was recommended by a coach with whom I'm working.

At first I did this in the bathroom mirror. Then, as I was doing some decluttering, the above mirror surfaced. The head/face is one I created on a die-cut cardboard form I found years ago when I was teaching art to elementary school students.

I mounted mirrors on enough forms for students in one or two classes to each create their own faces to reflect upon while viewing/mirroring the most beautiful person in his/her world - Seeing, honoring, owning ourselves at any age. The above assemblage is the one I did for myself.

After taking the first sequence of photographs, holding the mirror upright in my hand, I moved on to see how I would look if I laid the "head" down flat on a dark surface.

mirror in cardboard face

I love the overall feel of the one above with the repetition of textures. The "eye" in the mirror is the reflection of the chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

mirror reflection 1
mirror reflection 2




The last two photos, obviously, are of me looking down into the mirror, attempting to hide the phone camera, while taking the picture.

Self-Reflecting Queries -
I invite you to look into your life. What actions do you take when you are feeling "sluggish", perhaps in a "I don't wanna...." space?

Do you ever use a camera, including one you may have on a phone, to refocus yourself as you are honing in on a subject that catches your eye?

This exercise is NOT about the taking a "good" photograph. Although you may end up seeing more interesting things when you look at the picture you captured, either in the screen or once you've downloaded it, the intent is to be in action, moving forward in a fresh direction.

Treasure Your Life Now Tip -
Use your camera, phone or digital, to become more comfortable with yourself. I recommend using the video option that's likely available to you and simply play with talking to yourself and/or someone else not in your space at the time.

Using your camera can be one of the steps in furthering Treasuring Yourself which is the foundation for Treasuring others and being Treasured by them.

Special Offer for Treasure Your Life Now Subscribers -
Do you, ever or often, find yourself trying to remember where you stored something in your computer, phone or tablet?

What file you put it in? You know you read something about a topic, but you don't remember where?

To alleviate these challenges, I have been loving and using Evernote, several times/day, for a year and a half. It is free software that you can use to take notes, add a photo, record, retain information you find on the web, even that which is emailed to you... something you don't want to lose.

You can organize and archive all of the above AND have it available, at any time, on ALL the devices you may be using... multiple computers, plus smartphone and tablets.

Evernote is a software progam I love, especially now that I'm working on a couple of stories for publishing. If I want to be away from my computer for a while, I do my writing in Evernote on my iPad. When I'm ready to go back to my iMac, I simply synchronize, if it hasn't already done so. I pull up the note or document and continue working.

So excited with it, I wanted you who have supported me for so long, to also be able to feel comfortable using it. I've now made available at a discount for TYLN subscribers the Kickstart Guide to Using Evernote. It includes 4 PDF downloads with easy to follow images and text (over 85 pages), plus 6 short video tutorials.

Selling at $47, it's only $17 for you, a $30 savings good through Sunday, March 23 Midnight U.S. Eastern time.

You can order the download by clicking on Evernote Guide. There is a link on that page for a full description should you want more details on the content.

Note on Selfies  (photos)- Though it was not the purpose of this article to discuss "selfies", "self-portraits with hand-held cameras, as such, I did go online to read about it.

You can see the definitions and history on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Selfie. The term started being used in the 2000s, more popularly so in the latter half of the first decade. In 2013 it was entered into the Oxford online dictionary and also honored as "the word of the year." The origin of the word is attributed to Australia.

Your thoughts are welcome in comments on this post now on the Treasure Your Life Now blog.

To Wonder, Joy and Love,
Living and Loving with No Regrets.


photo of sheila finkelstein
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