August 16, 2005
Volume 1 - Number 155

bridge at Washington Crossing State Park, NJ

a grated bridge, at Washington Crossing State Park, crossing the Delaware River from New Jersey to Pennsylvania

This is actually a photo/drawing - a hand drawing on a photo -of the view looking down onto the bridge. Click on Bridge Photo to compare the two. (If you drag the window or page that opens into the photo, you can view both at the same time.) The photo you'll see is an opposite view from this one, so you get the opportunity for two comparisons - the enhancement and the changing of direction or perspective.

It's included here today simply because I came across the photo/drawing the other day and had a "Wow!" reaction. I love the intensity with the contrasts in color and darks and lights. I also like the play of lines and shapes.

Those of you who find the photo/drawing version dramatic will certainly enjoy a visit, if you have not yet been there, to my site with all of its photo/drawing art.

Looking at the dramatic changes, when comparing the two photos (even envison them as horizontal), think of situations in your own life which might merit being looked at from a different perspective.

The next time you are stuck on something, or feeling challenged, try a "different view." How might it look or be in the future? What can you take from the past that can contribute to your forward movement? Look to your left and to your right, so-to-speak. How would people on either side of you be viewing the same thing? You might even ask them.

As always, have fun with this.

Check out the new 28 second message from Sondra, who shares how a custom photo/drawing of her father, done by Sheila, provided a major breakthrough for her in being able to get past her many years of grief at his loss, so that she can now enjoy photos of him.

Judith Tramayne-Barth wrote to say, "When I wanted to make an audio for Sheila, she made it really easy for me. She called me and set up a 3 way call so I could record how wonderful I think her ezine is and her artwork. I am sure she will do the same for you. And she didn't even mind the blooper I made about her art site name. (LOL)."

Check out Judith's and other Audio Testimonials on the new AUDIO LINKS page.
I'd love to have your voice there also. A sentence or two is more than enough, if you are person of a few words.

I will publish the link for yours in Picture to Ponder and on the testimonial page on the eteletours site. You can call in yourself at (214) 231-2905 ext 6956 or, if you wish, e-mail me to set a time and I can call you. We can do a phone interview, such as the one with Renee, or I simply can call and 3-way you in on the line, while I stay silent.


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