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March 7, 2013
Volume 9- Issue 4

Photograph manipulated with program in iPad

Dear {!firstname},

Did you have any kind of strong response, or reaction, when opening this email?

Today's photos may seem somewhat strange to you and far off from the predominantly Nature photographs that have been featured in Picture to Ponder/Treasure Your Life Now over the past several years.

On the other hand, I've made it a practice, at times, to go with whatever images show up as I go through my files, choosing from those that "ask" to be featured.

How you responded to the initial photo and the other two may be indicative of how you interact in one or more of your relationships. I'm certainly seeing this myself as I am observing my own reactions. More in the Queries and Tips.

The other two of Today's Photos -

iPad portrait of Sheila Finkelstein - no manipulation


iPad Photo Booth photograph of Sheila Finkelstein manipulated by iPad applicaiton

The upper and lower photos are the result of the "Thermal Camera" effect in the Photo Booth camera application that comes with the iPad. The iPad is not yet in my toolbox and I was having fun with my grandson's iPad when he and his family were visiting over the holidays at the end of the year.

Self-Reflecting Queries -
My opening question in this issue of Treasure Your Life Now was to ask if you had any strong reactions to the initial, then the other, photo(s).

I invite you to explore what your first experiences were. Then look into your life. How might your reactions fit other situations and relationships in your life?

My responses to the photos -
I have the thought that had I opened the ezine and saw the first photo almost "yelling" at me with the colors, I might simply have closed it down and "walked away."

Given you're reading this section, you obviously didn't do that. On the other hand, the expression on the face (mine), mainly in the eyes, might have balanced the "loudness" and kept me in, wondering what it was all about.

The seriousness in the original portrait, in the center, puts me off both with both the expression and the colors. The whole "looking good" "thing" kicks in and under ordinary circumstances I might not even include it.

I do like the uplifting look of expectation in the bottom image. In essence it is a positive expression of the intention of the whole experience - that of "play".

Relationship Tip -
A friend said that when she looked at the middle photo she thought I looked worried, sad or concerned.

I was actually simply concentrating on figuring out using the iPad camera, comparing it to my iPhone camera, and considering the best way to position it.

It's quite possible, though, had my friend and I been with each other in person and she saw that expression, she might have attempted to make me happy, tell a joke, or do or say something relevant to
what SHE thought was going on with me.

This is quite common. We usually do act coming from the stories we make up and tell ourselves about another's facial expressions and reactions.

The TIP is, particularly when you have a strong response to something another does, check it out with them. See what is really going on their end from their perspective.

Come from the "I" message. "I get the feeling that...., is that accurate (or a fair assumption?)" Wait for their response. Then go from there.

Lastly, have fun with your children and/or grandchildren. Always ask permission to use/play with their equipment. Also, if it fits, allow them to be your teachers and to feel important

Please share on the blog your experiences with these questions and your resultant actions.

Technology Coaching -

In a different conversation, while talking about your children and grandchildren,:

Do you have parents who are constantly asking you for help with their computers or iPhones?

If so, do you find yourself stressed out by this, particularly if your time is limited?

Are your relationships suffering as a result?

If the answer is "yes" to any of the above, I invite you to check out my specially priced offering to the first 5 people to respond to "Their Computer, or iPhone, Questions Answered!"

You are invited to considering Gifting Your Parents with Personal Coaching on their Internet, computer and/or iPhone challenges. See Gift.

And, if you are challenged in any technological area yourself, certainly feel free to take advantage of the offer yourself. No matter what your age. See Tech Coaching.

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Lastly, if you are in business, you can benefit from a "Fire Sale." See AdelaRubio.com At the same-time you will be helping a long-time friend of mine, Adela Rubio.

Recently there was a fire in her home. Thankfully she and her family got out and are fine. The house and almost all of their belongings were totally destroyed.

To help her out, a group of friends assembled and put together a package of now 19 offerings for one low price. The interesting, and descriptive, video describes 13.

Even if you are not interested in what's being offered, it's worth visiting the site to read the story and see how people can and do come together to help one out. There are many great relationship stories and lessons in Adela's sharing of the event. See Fire Story.

Note: Although Adela is generously sharing this as an opportunity for people promoting it to earn a commission as an affiliate, I am choosing to not take advantage of that. This means that 100% of your purchase, if you are so moved, will go to Adela and her family.

Thanks for caring and passing it on, if you are so inclined.

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DISCLOSURE: From time to time, in Treasure Your Life Now, I include information on products and programs for which I may derive a small commission. This is what helps defray my publishing costs. I will only promote products and services of people with whom I'm familiar and in whose programs I've participated.

To Wonder, Joy and Love,
Living and Loving with No Regrets.


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