May 4, 2012
Volume 8 - Issue 16

Before going into today's light and shadows topic, I have two requests:

1 - As I prepare for future articles and photographs, it would be most helpful for me to know the most pressing issues with which you are dealing in your primary relationship. If you are married, or in a committed relationship, I would very much appreciate your responding to a short, anonymous survey.

Click on Treasure Your Life Now One of the respondents commented that this survey was helpful in clarifying things for her. Please pass it on to your friends also.

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Full Moon -
Tomorrow night, May 6 at 11:34 PM EDT will be the largest full moon of 2012. Scientific explanation of and a brief very interesting video, by Science of NASA, on this "supermoon" can be found on the site, FULL MOON page. Be sure to scroll down that page to see the video.

The latter states that the best time to see it is when it's closest to the horizon. You can find moonrise time in your area, as well as sunrise, sunset, and moonset times on For me, along the coast in Southeast Florida, it will be 7:44 PM EDT. I plan to be by the ocean then.

Thinking about, and observing, the moon in both the light and dark skies over the past few days made me very aware of light and shadows. So when I came upon Picture to Ponder Volume 6 - Issue 19, it seemed to be perfect to revise for today. It is based on my oftentimes repeated observations, "where there are shadows, there is light. In order to have shadows we MUST have light."

We can most definitely look at the following through the filters of happenings in our relationships.

Today's Photos -

light and shadows on the foyer floor


Screw in a wood knot

The top photo is of light and plant shadows on my foyer floor.

The lower photo is an exposed screw anchoring the top of the boardwalk railing in Green Cay Wetlands. Though there is not much in shadows here, I do love the coloring and the rhythm of the patterns in the wood.

Today's Photos Story
I was on a course conference call, when I asked a question that the leader said he couldn't answer because he did not know me.

He suggested that I take a walk in Nature with that specific question in mind and pay attention to whatever showed up. He said I could find the answers there.

I don't know that I found the "exact answer" AND the first observation that hit me, before even going out for a walk, were the shadows of outside plants, dancing on my patio in the midst of large blocks of light. The shadows danced; the light stayed bright and stable!

Later on in the day, when I went for a walk on the boardwalk at Green Cay Wetlands, the first thing I saw was a collapsed spider web still holding firmly on to the top and bottom of upper and lower boards.

So now a reminder of the "stabililty" in my life came into my consciousness. After that, in addition to my usual noticing of wood knots, screws and nuts and bolts started surfacing into my field of perception.

Self-Reflecting Queries -
Bottom line query today:

In your life do you spend most of your time looking at the shadows, or do you focus on the light, allowing the shadows to simply help define the light that's there?

If you are intrigued with the thought of shadows, my friend Renee Barnow, put forth two queries on a post she did two years ago on Groundhog Day, here in the US. In it, title "Seeing Your Shadow", she put forth two queries:

• "Ask what is good about your shadow, for those of us who are uncomfortable seeing our shadow and

• Move into even more sunlight with your shadow, which will be with you anyway as, 'You take yourself with you wherever you go,' and see what shows up in the brilliance of the sun."

Also, since I did bring up discovering "screws and bolts" as anchors in life, I invite you to look at those components that lock the segments of your life together and support you. Then acknowledge them.

If you find yourself in occasional states of fear, as have a few people I've coached recently, I invite you to pay particular attention to the latter. An acknowledgment diary of what's good will help in shifting your focus.

Lastly, I invite you to take a Nature walk this weekend, with a particular question of your own in mind. Then pay attention to what shows up for you.

As always have fun with this and please post your responses in the COMMENTS section of the blog.

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