July 16, 2008
Volume 4 - Number 25

purple gallnue from rear with wings spread

purple gallinule with one foot raised fireflag stem

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Today's Picture to Ponder Photo
Two views of a Purple Gallinule in motion, along the stem of the fireflag plant in Wakodahatchee Wetlands

In the last issue of Picture to Ponder I featured a fireflag flower and I thought it would be fun to follow-up with these photos of a purple gallinule in the process of moving toward a few at the end of a stem. The fireflag flower is his favorite food. To see him out over the water, almost at his destination, click on water.

Self-Reflecting Queries
Another reason for sharing today's gallinule photos is that they bring a grin to my face every time I look at them. I thought you might smile also.

Of course, we could get heavy and significant about the bird, make a determination that he is struggling and "holding on tight," or we could say he's simply relaxing with his wings spread out, enjoying his scenery.

In the lower photo, we could state that he is warily taking his next step, or we could say he's dancing (my initial response when I first viewed the photo.)

Bottom line, we can make all kinds of interpretations as to what's happening with the gallinule. Who is to determine which is the "correct" one? On the other hand, we can simply be with the beauty of his colors, the lines of his legs and amazing feet, or however you see it.

Hmm. Once again I've brought my interpretations into the picture. I invite you to check in with yourself. Are there places in your life where you are so busy making interpretations, "figuring" something out, that you are missing the opportunity of having fun.

If so what thoughts and/or emotions would you need to release right now to have that pleasure. Might it be perfectionism? judgment? the need to be right? anger? something else? If you see it, please take the action of letting go so can can have pleasure in this moment.

As always, have fun and play with this.

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