April 21, 2005
Volume 1 - Number 88

pink and green leaves

unidentified plant or tree in the gardens of the American Orchid Society in Delray Beach.

With an intent to energize myself with the beauty that is there and to get some new photos, we visited the American Orchid Society's greenhouse and gardens yesterday. In reviewing the photos this AM, I started for one of the orchid pictures and was stopped by the photo above.

Given I had a some kind of physical sensation when it came up on my screen, I'm following my intuition and including it here.

At first I had a complete sense of peace. In looking at it again, I'm finding it somewhat "jarring." Given that green and red (in this case, pink) are opposites on the color wheel, I'm not surprised.

I am intrigued as to why I keep going back to look at what would seem to be a simple photo, "some leaves, albeit different from the usual colors." It's now in your court. I'd love to "hear" how you respond to this photo.

In the meantime, I am going to ask subscriber Lea Cioci for her "analysis". Lea is another of the YOU*Uers (below) who is doing a free focus group. Hers is entitled "Color Your Life: Understanding Color to Enhance Your Life" - eBook Sample.

Apologies to anyone who might have opened PICTURE TO PONDER yesterday and not been able to access the images. Unbeknownst to me, eteletours.com was down for a time. The photo is now visible when you click on the link above.

Mary Gray wrote:
"The initial, one could say "easy," reaction is to see a bird with a gracefully curved neck. Continued observation, however, revealed a somewhat wizened man with an odd headdress and a rather flowing beard. His aura is of serenity and wisdom. One arm is stretched out, perhaps making brush strokes in some Oriental form.

In a more macabre interpretation, he could be a ghost. (That ties in with
the dying leaf.) I'm beginning to be quite intrigued by fireflags myself.'
" Mary Gray

Once again, thank you, Mary, for your almost daily responses.

If you follow the Comments section here, I'm sure you've noticed some readers who crop up frequently. Several of them are now offering focus groups in the YOU*U program. (see TELECLASSES below)

"Resistance, Overwhelm, and Misinformation: What’s Standing Between You and Well-Being, and How to Permanently Give it the Slip" - Debra Schanilec

"Exploring Oriental or Sumi-e Painting for Appreciation and Meditation" - an eCourse sample - Pat Wiley

"Kitchen Chickens" - Linda Vining

"Square Peg Celebration: Feeling great about being a square-peg person
in a round-hole world" - eCourse Sample by Karen Caterson.

Why not check them out, along with the other 14 offerings.

being offered by Friends of PICTURE TO PONDER.

Participants in Artella's "Create Your Own YOUniversity" (aka YOU * U) program are presenting free focus groups to test out the eBooks, eCourses, teleclasses, and Web sites they have developed over the past few months. eTeletours.com was launched one year ago out of this program. All focus group participants receive a bundle of free thank-you gifts, and are entered in raffles for hundreds of dollars of valuable prizes.

In a phone conversation the other day, a mother told me her 2 1/2 year old son is enjoying PTP photos, with many being a "wow!" How thrilling for me. Who in your life might also say "wow" to what we are offering?

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