July 1, 2005
Volume 1 - Number 130A



a root and it's reflection creating a heart image.

As I was walking in Wakodahatchee Wetlands this morning I started thinking about all of you dear subscribers and began mentally composing an article and thank you. In keeping with the photo theme, I wondered what photo I could use AND a short time later, there it was - a heart shape patiently waiting for me to photograph it!!

What triggered my thoughts, I think, is the writing that I had done a short time before. I have been participating, by phone (optional), in Julie Jordan Scott's 42 Days to Writing Passionately Program where there is a daily lesson that includes a writing prompt.

This morning's reading was about "PLACE" (see Lesson 18) and the prompt was "In the scene there is...." I wrote:

In the scene there is peace.
There is green.
There is water and
There are birds.

The people who are dear to me are there also.

My heart flutters at the sparkles in the water,
The splashes that spray when the terns dive down.
Food for all.

Sustenance comes from this peaceful place
With all that I love.
I want to share it.

I’d love for you to experience the texture,
The vibrancy, the beingness of the
Freshness of Nature and Humanity.

People, animals, birds, plants...
All alive to be appreciated,

©2005 Sheila Finkelstein

In the background of my mind, as I wrote, was the feeling of Wakodahatchee Wetlands, the place from which I share so many photos with you in Picture to Ponder. After the phone call, I went walking there.

As I was walking you all, my dear subscribers, were with me. I began to think about how often you are with me when I walk.

I looked at the new sign explaining the duckweed, which "discourages the growth of algae, provides food for wildlife and cleans the water by absorbing nitrogen and phosphorous." I thought of the one of you who wrote about the beauty despite the "murky waters."

When I see the various images in the fireflag that call to me, I think of comments another of you has made about them, often making me laugh. As I photograph, baby birds I think of those of you who loved the baby stilts.

And I think of those of you who have shared writings that have been inspired by my photos.

So many of the things I now see, I often look at through what I think might be your eyes. "Will they appreciate this? Will they not?" No matter where I am with a camera, anymore, I'm thinking of you as I photograph, framing many of the pictures with you in mind.

I think of those of you who love purple and those who especially appreciate the close-up, "macro", views, particularly of the flowers. I am zeroing much more closely now because of your responses.

Know that though I have not mentioned your names in the examples above, it's simply because I did not want to miss anyone. I do know who you are, those of you who write in, or comment if I see you in person, and I sense the presence of each of the rest of you.

And, so, as we in the United States, prepare to celebrate Independence Day, I thank you all for the contributions you have been making to me and my growing independence as an artist and writer.

With love and appreciation for all that you inspire in me,


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© 2005 Sheila Finkelstein

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